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Fowk rinnin an lowpin hae divertit us in the sportin acteevities that we hiv enjoyed this simmer. They've been jinkin in the tennis,at the fitbaw an wioot doot we saw aw kins o jinkin oot ower the pairt in the Commonwealth Games.

Quotations yaisin 'jink' are in the online Dictionary of the Scot Language:

In Niven's 'Mrs. Barry' (Glesca 1933):

The wind snatched a man's hat from his head, and Neill grinned with delight over the way in which it jinked from its pursuing owner.

Jinkie is a gemm that bairns play rinnin roon a table tryin tae catch freens.

Jink his monie ither senses tae, sic as the yins ootlined in the DSL quotation.

 Frae Ayr in 1998:

He aye jinks his duties.

Let us ken the wey ye yaise the wird jink.

Entry in the online Dictionary of the Scots Language for jink:

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