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Stories, sangs an poems aften spick aboot 'hairst'. Yer ain fowk micht be fermers or ken fermers that yaise the wird.
Hairst micht nae mean a grain harvest tae ye? Wid ye yaise anither wird for a fruit harvest?

In The Concise Scots Dictionary ye wull fin the wird jined tae ither wirds, monie relate tae food, sic as 'hairst scones' or 'hairst broth'. A 'hairst bap' wis a flat roon flooer roll eaten by thaim that wirkt in the hairst field. The Dictionary of the Scots Language includes this quotation frae Banff in 1922:

'The deem or the mistress is baking hairst scones.'

Let us ken aboot onie projects ye dae relatin tae 'hairst' like teachers in Oyne did. Ye micht like tae explore traditions sic as 'takken clyvack' or cuttin the last sheaf o corn. 

Entries relatin tae 'hairst' in The Dictionary of the Scots Language:

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