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Dae ye enjoy guisin? Tell us aboot onie local customs relatin tae this?

Guiser is whiles defined as: A 'masquerader' or 'mummer', nowadays aften ane o a party o bairns that wid gae oot in disguise frae door to door offerin tae dae a turn in return for gifts at Hallowe'en.

In the Dictionary of the Scots Language there is a quotation from The Galloway Gazette (1955): On the night of Hallowe'en he dressed up as a guiser.

Ither quotations micht be o interest, sic as:

SC 1825 LOCKHART Scott (1837) xiii:
Yesterday being Hogmanay, there was a constant succession of Guisards - i.e.boys dressed up in fantastic caps with their shirts over their jackets, and with wooden swords in their hands. These players acted a sort of scene before us, of which the hero was one Goloshin, who gets killed in a "battle for love." but is presently brought to life again by a doctor of the party.

See if ye can find oot mair aboot 'Galoshans'. 

Hae a leuk at the Scots Language Centre's wabsteid,  the Traditionall Arts an Culture wabsteid or the Kist o Riches archive for mair examples o traditeens.

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