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The licht theday wis a delicht an A thocht on the wird 'bricht'. Ye micht wint tae think on the sindrie senses o thon wird.

The online Dictionary of the Scots Language his some lovely quotations tae get ye thinkin. Mind an read thaim oot loud. Dinnae fash if ye dinnae ken aw the wirds in the citation. Ye can hae a jalouse o the meanins frae the context.


Dundee 1990 Sheila Stephen in Joy Hendry Chapman 60 51:

"...Jist iz Eh wiz thinkin aboot comin inside (it wiz gettin fell cald oanywie), Eh heard the wee Beetle car comin back. They mak an affy rackit. Bricht orindge it wiz.."

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