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Is 'heeze' a wird ye've come across or ye yaise? The Essential Scots Dictionary gies some senses o the wird tae whet yer appetite. 'Hoist' or 'lift up','carry to a place', 'hurry', 'dance in a lively way' and 'swarm with'.

Simmer festivals are unner wey aw ower an it micht be jist the wird tae help ye tell ither fowk aboot the steer.

In the online Dictionary of the Scots Language ye wull find a quotation illustratin the yaise o 'heeze' relatin tae jiggin:

1806:G.Galloway Nelson 16:
Nane can heeze the highland fling
Like merry light Miss Drummond

Explore ither weys that the wird his been yaised aw ower an in different weys at:

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