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Scuilwab - leuk efter yer leid


If ye feel confident wi yer Scots an ye want tae tak it tae an academic level, ye wull enjoy this section.


Ye micht like tae leuk at Scots texts in mair detail. There are different genres frae different times in history. Yaise the timeline an read the auldest yin an than a mair recent ain. Try readin twa texts fae aboot the same time an see if therr are mony differences. Wale yer favourite.


A few Scots ballads for ye tae leuk at


Articles tae help ye wi yer studies an whet yer interest.

Thinkin an Scrievin

Different weys o scrievin for different purposes. An introduction tae genre.

Stertin Oot

Readers stories

Sangs, stories, ploys an puzzles for early years an new Scots lairners.
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Teachers' area

Teachers area

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