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Please tell us aboot onie buiks or articles that ye hiv read that wid assist fowk wi thir studies o Scots. Ye micht wint tae spick aboot an article that ye thocht wis challengin. Ye micht wint tae tell us aboot a sang, a poem or play that affectit ye.

Suggestions we've received in the past hiv included:

'Jamieson's Dictionary of Scots: The Story of the First Historical Dictionary of the Scots Language' by Susan Rennie that wis publisht by OUP on 7th June 2012 in hairdback. It's available as an e-buik tae.  Susan Rennie gies an accoont o John Jamieson's influence an importance tae lexicography an awbodie interestit in the Scots leid an literatur.

Iseabail Macleod and J.Derrick McClure editit 'Scotland in Definition: A History of Scottish Dictionaries' (2012). This buik is an accoont o Scots an Gaelic dictionars an glossaries. It considers baith Scots an Gaelic lexicography.

Donald Smith's buik 'The Ballad of the Five Marys' wis publisht be Luath Press Ltd (2013). This wis the subject o an 'Edinburgh Reads' event.

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