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Scuilwab - leuk efter yer leid

Archive Projects

Archive Projects bring new life tae aulder voices. Young musicians wur inspired be material foond in the School of Celtic an Scottish Studies archives.

Sixteen singers hae been filmed performin 35 songs that wur collectit in the early 20th century by schoolmaster Gavin Greig an meenister James Bruce Duncan.

The sangs hiv been edited by Dr. Emily Lyle an her associates o the Department o Celtic an Scottish Studies at the University o Edinburrae in a series o echt volumes

Frieda Morrison (singer an broadcaster) introduced the collection o sangs tae scuils an ither groups as pairt o her airtist -in-residence role at The University of Edinburgh's Celtic and Scottish Studies.  

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Sangs, stories, ploys an puzzles for early years an new Scots lairners.
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