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Scuilwab - leuk efter yer leid

SQA Scots Language Award updates

Ye micht be interestit in the development o the new Scots Language Awards. They are available at Scottish Credit and Qualification's Framework levels 3,4,5 an 6 frae August 2014.

Pauline Rodger gied a brief update tae teachers at the ASLS Schools Conference on 4th October and the ASLS Language Conference on 8th November wull hae an input on the SQA Language Awards tae.

It wull gie lairners the opportunity tae study the history an development o the Scots leid an wull help thaim unnerstaun an communicate in Scots. Similar tae ither SQA awards it wull reflect the purposes an principles o the Curriculum for Excellence.

Hae a leuk at SQA's wabsteid for mair wittins aboot it.

A summary o baith units is gien on the SQA wabsteid:

Scots Language: History and Development (SCQF levels 3-6)

Scots Language: Understanding and Communicating (SCQF levels 3-6)

The award or their Units may provide progression tae:

  • English Courses or Units
  • Modern Language Courses or Units
  • History courses or Units
  • The Scottish Studies Award or its Units
  • Training or employment




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