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Online Dictionary of the Scots Language functionality improved

Awbodie at Scottish Language Dictionaries is delichtit that their free online 'Dictionary of the Scots Language' his been updatit. It is easier tae find wirds an phrases. The upgrade wis launchit in September 2014 in Glesca.

Leuk at SLD's main wabsteid

Professor Murray Pittock gied his address tae the updatit dictionar in Scots an oor lugs an heids are still fu o the fine wirds sic as:

'Dinna strunt nor sniffle, be na pauchtie nor pawky, but be glad o bein o the leesome menzie o this dictionar, noo an lee-lang.'

Monie thanks tae awbodie that attendit. 

Fowk are aye gien feedback on the updatit DSL. Get in touch if ye wint tae gie SLD feedback.

Hae a leuk at the online Dictionary of the Scots for the wird 'pauchtie':

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