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Scuilwab - leuk efter yer leid

SLD's Scots word of the week

Dae ye enjoy the 'Word of the Week' feature in Seturday's 'The Herald' paper? Ye micht hae read the articles scrievit by oor previous editor Dr Christine Robinson, the feature continue wi aticles frae Senior Editor Pauline Speitek an editor Ann Ferguson.

On Seturday Mairch 28th ye wull see that yin o SLD's editors (Ann Ferguson) leuks at oor dictionary entries for the wird 'raivel'. Pauline Speitel (SLD's senior editor)leuked at 'Anneker's Midden'.

Let us ken aw yer favourite Scots wirds an expressions. Hiv ye heard on:

  • As plain as parritch
  • As weel soon as syne

Ye can see a collection of SLD's Scots Word of the Week on the Scots Language Centre's wabsteid at

Ye wull see on the Scots Language Centre site photos illustatin the yaise o Scots in the environment. 


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