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Scuilwab - leuk efter yer leid

Scottish texts: Drama

Hiv ye seen Tony Roper's 'The Steamie' an Alan Spence's 'Sailmaker' performed? Some groups enjoy readin sections o plays, hiv ye been involved wi that?
Ye micht enjoy Jackie Kay's 'The Lamplighter' or John Byrne's 'The Slab Boys'. Let us ken if ye have listened tae sparklin dialogue in Scots plays.


Talentit directors an actors bring Scots tae life in films sic as Ian Sellar's 'Venus Peter'. Some films ye've seen micht nae feel authentic in relation tae Scots. Braw discussions aften follae on frae watchin films. Let us ken if you've  discussed Scots in films wi freens an hiv identified whit maks a guid film in relation tae the Scots leid. Let us ken yer recommendations an the yins that hiv disappointit.  Hiv ye seen the film 'Sunset Song'? Whit dae ye think o the direction?

Did ye hear that 'Sunset Song' came top o a survey o favourite Scottish buiks 2016?

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