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Scottish Texts: Ballads

Traditional ballads. Ye micht wint tae leuk at the ballads in 'The Poetry of Scotland', a collection editit by Roderick Watson. There are ballads in 'The New Penguin Book of Scottish Verse' editit by Robert Crawford and Mick Imlah. Selections include 'Tam Lin', 'The Bonny Earl of Murray' an 'The Great Silkie of Sule Skerry'. Are there ither ballads ye enjoy? ASLS hiv a 'Scotnote' on ballads that micht interest ye.

Mind an leuk on the 'Scots Language Blether' teachers' forum on GLOW that his suggestions frae practitioners relatin tae Scots. The 'Scots Language Blether' site is run by teachers that war seconded tae Education Scotland in the role o Scots Language Coordinators. 

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