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Sir Walter Scott in Schools Conference

This conference wis sponsored by Abbotsford, the ASLS, the Edinburgh Walter Scott Club and the Faculty of Advocates. The conference wis in Edinburrae an includit an ootline o the educational programme at Abbotsford an a talk frae James Robertson. It wis great tae get an insicht intae the wey Rose Johnston his wirkt wi bairns 'Dramatising Lochinvar'.

The day includit wittins aboot the Border ballads wi fowk sangs tae demonstrate cross-curricular lairnin. Professor Purdie, Ronnie Renton an James Robertson amangst ithers at the Panel session generatit braw discussion aboot weys tae encourage interest in the warks an life o Walter Scott. Professor Purdie talkt aboot his wark on 'epitomes' o Scott's wark tae encourage mair fowk tae access Scott's scrievin.

Contact ASLS for mair details aboot the resoorces an ideas demonstratit at the conference. 

Copies o teaching notes on 'Waverley' an 'Ivanhoe' an ither resoorces war distributit. 

Ye micht wint tae lairn aboot the Walter Scott Minstrelsy Project that wis run atween the Johannes Gutenburg University Mainz an the University o Edinburrae. Details on their wabsteid search for's Minstelsy.

Did ye ken that Sir Walter Scott wis Sheriff (Principal) of Selkirkshire?

Sheriff entry in DSL 1976 supplement :

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