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Pilot of the Historical Thesaurus of Scots Language

Linguistic data frae the 'Dictionary of the Scots Language' wis yaised in a Pilot of the Historical Thesaurus of Scots (PHiTS) project. Dr. Susan Rennie frae the University o Glesca wis the principal investigator.

The Historical Thesaurus of Scots wull be the first Scots Thesaurus tae be organised be synonymy an semantic category. Find oot mair aboot the project as they explore selectit themes sic ac weather

under the heading 'A Pilot Historical Thesaurus of Scots.'

Ye micht hae seen the media reports aboot aw the wirds associatit wi snaw sic as 'flindrinkin' an 'blin-drift'. Tell us the wirds ye ken relatin tae snaw.

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