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Scuilwab - leuk efter yer leid

Social Sciences

Ye can yaise Scots whiles ye're explorin the social subjects as weel as studyin Scots as a subject in itsel.

Ye micht like tae leuk at the Scots Words and Place-Names Project (SWAP) on the University of Glasgow's wabsteid, it his a glossary o place-nems.

Ye micht be interestit in courses celebratin Scotland's cultur. Ye micht like tae hae a leuk at the 'Connecting with Culture Programme' at the Scottish Storytelling Centre.

Mary Queen o Scots Fae aw Angles

 Act oot a series o interviews wi Mary hersel an the fowk in her life.

Letter o Protest

A sample letter o protest aboot a local issue, wi a reply.

Calendar o Festivals

Add tae the leet an tell us yer ain favourite festival.

Explorin yer Toun

Hae ye ivver thocht aboot the meanin o place-nems near yersel?

Stertin Oot

Readers stories

Sangs, stories, ploys an puzzles for early years an new Scots lairners.
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Teachers' area

Teachers area

PooerPynts,ideas tae get stertit an ither yissfae resources. mair»