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Fause, fause hae ye been

Express yersel in aw the arts - listen tae Scots wirds in sangs an mak yer ain.

Musician an ethnologist Steve Byrne Art his led warkshops on traditional music, encouraging bairns tae scrieve sangs wi reference tae archive material in the Kist o Riches wabsteid:

Tak a leuk at the photo o the Langholm staircases at the fit o the page.

In 2007 Liz Niven completit wark on an 'Arts Across the Curriculum Project' wi pupils frae Langholm Academy. The aim wis tae compile text based on the leid o Langholm yaisin the poetry o Langholm’s Hugh MacDiarmid. Pupils did some scrievin yaisin their ain wirds. Wirds frae the wark o Hugh MacDiarmid wur pentit on the bannisters in the scuil.

The project gied the pupils time tae develop understaunin o the Scots leid an its history. A final report includit examples o pupils' wark.

Ye cud mak yer ain frieze o yer favourite lines o poems. Ye can wirk wi teachers tae decorate a wa ootside or inside yer scuil wi sentences in Scots. The Scottish Parliament biggin his a wheen quotations in Scots aw ower the biggin. Ye micht hiv seen the wirds frae Walter Scott's scrievin on the fluir at Waverley station.

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