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The Kelpies

The Kelpies sculpturs are gallus an o oor time. They wur inspired be muckle Clydesdale horses. Andy Scott's inspiration wis magnificent heavy Clydesdale cuddies. Focussin on thaim maks ye think on Scotland's industrial heritage in general as weel as Falkirk an Grangemouth's history in particuleer.

The hail project involves the local community in monie weys an is attractin interest frae aw ower. 

Whan ye see thaim ye micht want tae jalouse hoo monie pieces are in the warks awthigither?

Hoo lang did they tak tae jine the pairts thegither? Hoo heich are The Kelpies? Leuk inside thaim tae see aw the engineerin involved.

Enjoy walkin roon Helix Park an hear aboot plans for furder developments. The wirds o Scots poet Jim Carruth are evident in the Helix Park tae.  

The airt is ideal, canal baits an locks are a fascinatin wey tae lairn aboot the past an praisent, awesome darg.


Kelpie entries in the Dictionary of the Scots Language at

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