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Scuilwab - leuk efter yer leid

Resources in Scots or Gaelic relating to worship

There are monie prayers an readings in Scots as weel as Scots nativity plays an poems suitable for services.
Let us ken aboot onie resoorces in Scots that ye enjoy for reflection on yer beliefs.

The Church of Scotland site is included in the resoorces list on Scots Language Blether for teachers. Contact the Scots Language Coordinator Bruce Eunson at Education Scotland for mair details.  

The Scots Language Centre his podcasts o readings frae Lorimer's translation of the New Testament.

See for mair details.

Contact the Gaelic Books Council for wittens aboot Gaelic publications an translations. 

Let us ken aboot resoorces ye hiv yaised wi yer cless. 

Stertin Oot

Readers stories

Sangs, stories, ploys an puzzles for early years an new Scots lairners.
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Teachers' area

Teachers area

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