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Sponsor a wird or phrase

Monie thanks tae scuils in Edinburrae, Greenock, Dundee, Hamilton an Falkirk for sponsorin a Scots wird or phrase tae support wark on The Concise Scots Dictionary. Individuals an shops sponsor wirds an aw. Examples are 'bletherskate' an phrases sic as 'braw and weel' or 'Annicker's midden'.

Whit wird or phrase wad ye wale? Mair details on SLD's wabsteid.

Oor ootrax projects ay need fundin an we are leukin for sponsorship for mair leaflets an postcairds tae gie tae scuils an community groups we visit. We wid acknowledge aw support as appropriate. Get in touch if ye wid like tae help.

Ye micht hae seen the BBC 2 TV pogramme cried 'Blethering Scots' 2012 wi celebrities walin their favourite Scots wirds. Dr George McGavin enjoys the Scots wird 'clarty', Gavin Hastings picks the wird 'stramash'. Sanjeev Kohli spicks aboot 'disgusting Scots wirds' an Rhona Martin spicks aboot Scots language an curlin.

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