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Letter frae Emma, Richenda an Zoe.

Orkney is a bonnie group o islands tae the North o Scotland. The folk are freendlie an it seems wherever thee go, thee seem to ken someone.

One o the better things aboot Orkney is the beautiful scenery that attracts so many tourists. Even though many tourists visit Orkney, it is still a peaceful place at hert.

Orkney is famous for its historical sites sic as Skara Brae, Maes Howe, Mine Howe, The Italian Chapel an of course, Orkney's most famous St. Magnus Cathedral.

Orkney is famous for its geological value an has many attractions such as the Auld Man o Hoy.

Orkney is very much its own source o produce as we provide oor own cheese, icecream, beef, mutton, fudge, milk, wool and chairs.

Orkney is made up o mony islands. On Flotta there is an oil terminal an on North Ronaldsay the lighthoose is the tallest land built lighthoose in the hail o Britain.

There are mony things Orkney is well kent for such as Scapa Flow which was a major navybase in the World War 2. One o oor own Orcadians starred in Big Brother.

We have oor own language unique to Orkney which is why so many people fae somewhere else in the world don't understand what we're yibberin aboot.

School life in Orkney is quite different compared to as it is doon sooth. A handful o Orcadian cheelders travel from their isle tae the mainland an some o them stay in a hostel over night.

Although for some o the isles pupils there is na much tae dae the teenagers on the mainland have the Pickyquoy centre, Powerbowl an, when it's built, the skate park.

Aal in aal life in oor blide islands is tae dee for.

Emma, Richenda and Zoe

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