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The Mortlach Living Library Project

Mortlach Primary School wirkt wi storyteller Lilian Ross tae scrieve stories frae Dufftown an they performed thaim tae ither clesses. Primary 4 hid tae wale yin that they thocht wid be best for wirkin wi gless artist Maggie Carroll frae 'Dufftown Glassworks'. They decidit tae mak a stained gless windae tae illustrate the stert, middle an end o the story. The project wis supportit by the scuil's Parent Council an fundit by the Scottish Book Trust 'Live Literature' Fund an the Arts Council for Moray.

The result wis a braw project that wid benefit awbodie in the community. Monie thanks tae Lilian Ross, Mary Bourne an Maggie Carroll for sendin in tae the Scuilwab details o this wark. An inspiration tae us aw! Click on the doonload tae find oot mair aboot it. 

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