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Scuilwab - leuk efter yer leid

Gaun the messages: Messages leet

Ye can enjoy makkin yer ain leet o messages. The leet here is a stertin pint an it wid be a message leet for an aulder bodie. Ye can stert aff wi 'A gaed tae the shops an A brocht back....'

Braw as a vocabulary an memory exercise.

Ye micht wint tae dae an online version, wi photos o yer messages.

Ye micht wint tae pit shoppin (or picters o shoppin) on the table an see if fowk can pick oot the richt object, first yin tae collect 3 messages wins. 

Ye micht like tae ask ither fowk in the scuil sic as teachers, the jannie or the fowk in the kitchen or the office tae pick thir favourite messages frae the leet an see hoo they get on. 

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