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Ye micht want tae leuk at some Ballads in the Advanced section o the Scuilwab an enjoy thaim wi yer cless. We hae includit The Twa Corbies, Daemon Lover an The Wife of Usher’s Well. Then ye micht want tae hae a leuk at some ideas an suggestions fae Frances Robson. She is a secondary scuil teacher an haes warkt in West Lothian scuils. She hes yaised Ballads wi monie clesses o aw abilities an aw levels o experience in Scots. She is happy to share some ideas an approaches that hae wirkt weel for her an the bairns. If ye hae any ither ideas, please share thaim wi us. Tell us whit ye think.

Ballads:  An Introduction
by Frances Robson

Ballads huv aye been pairt o wir literary tradition, passed bi wurd o mooth ower the years.  They are faur-kennt an appealin; baith tae weans an tae aulder fowk.  Monie ballads yaise Scots tae tell aw kinds o tales aboot luve, daith, tragedy an the supernatural – some tales include the deil hissel! 

Wan guid thing aboot ballads is that they war meant tae be sung.  Ower the centuries, the wirds chynged an this is why ye’ll fin monie different endins tae the same ballad.

No aw ballads are full o doom an tragedy.  Therr are some humorous yins that are guid tae teach tae younger weans sic as :

  • Get Up An Bar The Door – this is guid fur actin oot an shawin argie-bargie atween a man an his wife.
  • The Wee Cooper O Fife – this can be sung as weel...

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