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Scuilwab - leuk efter yer leid

Edinburgh Collected

Dae ye hae memories o Edinburra tae share? Ye micht wint tae 'share yer memories an make history' wi Edinburgh Collected. The picters micht trigger ither fowk's memories o Scots voices an wirds.


Ye wull find incidental yaise o Scots on the site tae sic as the bonnie picter frae the Dean Village far it mentions milk deliveries spicks an aboot a 'hurl'. There is a lovely chop frae 1950 that his 'penny dainities'. Playing 'Round the Gairdies' in 1952 includesplaying peeverie beds in one memory.

Ye micht wint tae add yer ain memories an photos. Hae a leuk.

Dae ye ken onie ither similar projects an memory wabsteids? Let us ken aboot thaim.

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Sangs, stories, ploys an puzzles for early years an new Scots lairners.
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