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Scuilwab - leuk efter yer leid

National Mining Museum

Listenin tae the retired miner showin veesitors roon the National Mining Museum wis a delicht. Sic rich yiss o the Scots leid. As weel as the turn o phrase, it wis engagin tae hear the yiss o specialist terminology for the procedures an equipment that they hae yaised in the pits in the past.

Let us ken if ye hae listened tae inspririn an interestin Scots raicentlie. Fowk in the trades an in industries especially those in decline hiv important stories tae share wi us an whiles throu the medium o Scots.


Ye micht wint tae stert a collection o wirds wi the wird 'whurl'. Leuk at the entry for 'whurl' in the online Dictionary of the Scots Language at


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