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Birthday Card top panel

Birthday Cairds

Ye cud set a challenge for yer bairns tae undertake. Ye micht ask thaim tae try to mak a caird for a special anniversary wi Scots wirds on thaim. Gie thaim a deadline.

Scottish Language Dictionaries set a challenge an they received birthday cairds frae aw ower. Twa scuils in Falkirk sent cairds fou o humour an they war aw different. Berwickshire High School in the Borders sent a muckle parcel wi sophisticated cairds. These include individual an group efforts, fantoosh artwark an poems tae. It wis lovely tae leuk at all the cairds. Mair cairds popped throu the post in May.

Awbodie enjoyed thaim.

Tell us aw aboot yer challenge.

Than Letham Primary cairds arrived wi picters o cakes an messages o support. The birthday caird frae Greenock includit thir ain local wirds. Aa cairds war displayed at oor birthday event includin the Linlithgow Burgh Halls. A slideshow wi a selection cairds wis available on a netbuik tae.

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